Smoothie Diet: How I Lost 70 Pounds Using Smoothies For Weight Loss

Smoothie Diet for Weight Loss:

This video is about a weight loss program called the smoothie diet. The program uses special smoothie recipes for weight loss to help you burn belly fat, get more energy, and improve your health. The diet was developed by a board certified health coach named Drew. You can make these amazing weight loss shakes (for men and women) at home in under 5 minutes and the ingredients are cheap and easy to find.

If you’re looking to lose your muffin top, love handles or stubborn belly fat, you need to check out this diet that shows you step-by-step how to use easy-to-make, delicious smoothies to help you lose as much weight as you want. Imagine dropping a few dress or pants sizes in just a few weeks from now.


Hi my name is Amanda and I wanted to share my results using a diet called the smoothie diet. I started the diet after having my second son. I had gained about 70 pounds all in all throughout two pregnancies and had tried many other ways to take the weight off and just nothing was working for me. Everything was just too hard or I was hungry all the time and I was super cranky.

So, I found the smoothie diet which is so easy to follow. you basically just make the smoothies which tastes amazing. You replace certain meals with them. Shopping lists are included, recipes are included and all in all it was a very easy diet for me to follow.

After the initial 5 weeks, I lost about 20 pounds and I have been using everything I have learned from the program to keep the weight coming off so at this point I’ve lost almost 70 pounds.

The smoothie recipes were absolutely delicious. They were filling and I never really felt like I was missing out on anything. The best part especially as a young mom, was the incredible energy I felt like I had. I didn’t even feel like I needed my morning coffee anymore.

Drew was absolutely fantastic to work with. Anytime I had a question or I needed more information about something, I was able to email him and he would email me right back with the information that I needed. So I never felt like i was in the dark. I always felt like there was communication there.

So I would highly recommend the smoothie diet to anyone who is looking for a great and easy way to lose weight without feeling like you’re hungry or missing out on something.

Thanks and good luck!

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