Kate McKinnon Parodies RBG’s At-Home Workout For SNL, and the “Ginsburn” Is Real


It’s no secret that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg takes her fitness seriously, which is what makes a recent Saturday Night Live parody of her workout so fantastic. On April 11, cast member Kate McKinnon brought back her Ginsburg impression for the show’s first-ever at-home episode.

A little self-isolation won’t stop Ginsburg from focusing on her “abs, gams, tochus, chicken wings, and critical thinking.” Although we know she’s able to lift more than just Q-tip dumbbells and floss jump ropes, I like to think the Notorious RBG actually works a few “Ginsburns” into her daily routine. It’s good for the soul! Watch the full video above to see the funny workout parody.

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