5 ASMR Channels You Should Follow If You Need to Decompress


Over the past few years, YouTube has exploded with videos aimed at making viewers feel relaxed, tingly, and even sleepy — a sensation known as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Within the ASMR community, there are a variety of video types involving tapping, whispering, and even roleplay — no, not that kind of roleplay — to appeal to all types of viewers. ASMR artists are always taking it to the next level by coming up with creative themes, backdrops, and methods to bring new ASMR triggers to the world.

Tap through this gallery to get a sample of the best ASMR YouTubers out there, so you can find exactly the style that helps you destress and bliss out. Pro tip: in order to get the full effect of any ASMR video, it’s highly recommended that you wear headphones. I always wear noise-cancelling headphones so I can block out distractions, but any pair will do.

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