Are You Ready To Get Fit? These Are The Challenges To Take Part In This Month!


Is your heart still heavy about still not being able to go to the gym? That’s alright — adjusting can take a bit of time sometimes. With millions of people staying home during the national lockdown, the time is ripe for a friendly challenge.  While we are all spending extra time at home, why not utilise this time to put down the remote and test your fitness with a daily challenge? Challenges are a great way to stay motivated and active. Try yourself out with these challenges for the month of June.

1/ adidas #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge

adidas is well known for hosting events that unite and help make a difference around the world. From the 29 May to 7 June, adidas will host the #HomeTeamHero Challenge where they will donate $1 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation (WHO) for every hour of tracked activity around the world, with the goal being to reach one million hours. Download and login to the free adidas Running app or adidas Training app to track your one-hour activities during this period. You can track your running, training, walking, cycling, strength training, hiking, mountain biking, and yoga.

2/ Crew Runners SA

The Crew Runners SA will host a run on the 27 June called Let’s Runn For Aid 4 Animals in Distress. The money received as donations and raised at the events go towards paying their vet bill which averages R35,000 per month.

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3/ Women’s Health Push Up Challenge

Join our team and do 25 push-ups a day for 25 days to raise awareness for mental health. Everyone who takes part in the challenge can donate money to Lifeline, which provides free telephonic counselling to those who can’t afford to pay for therapy. If you can’t afford a donation, do the push-ups anyway to create awareness!

4/ June-July Walk Challenge

If you’re on the Strava app, then join the June-July Challenge and upload your run or walk on the app when you get started. All you have to do is complete a walk, hike, or some form of activity twice a week for eight weeks.

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5/ Vesperdene Running Club

The Vesperdene Running Club tells the tale of two cities coming (Cape Town and Jozi), where they live up to their slogan entirely — “A healthy body, is a healthy mind”. The running club has just come off the bat of their 130km May Running Challenge. The club also hosted a Vesperdene Half Marathon Balcony Fundraiser where they raised an amount of R25,000 in three days during the lockdown. If you’re looking for a motivated group of individuals then keep your eyes on their socials, so you don’t miss the next challenge.

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