These Adidas Face Masks Are Breathable, Comfortable, and Cost Just Over $5 Each


If your gym requires that you wear a mask, or you feel better about wearing one when you’re out running or working out in public, buy one of these form-fitting Adidas Face Covers ($16 for a three-pack). At less than $20 for three, they’re not too expensive, which is good since it’s handy to have more than one. Although these masks aren’t medical grade, they are made with soft, breathable fabric that isn’t flimsy. They’re breathable and machine washable; just wash with hot water and tumble dry low.

If you’ve tried wearing handmade cotton masks while exercising, breathing heavy and sweating makes them slip down and you end up having to constantly pull them up, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place. These comfortable two-layer masks offer a secure fit and full coverage over the bridge of the nose and below the chin. There’s also a slot inside for a filter if you choose to use one. They come in two colors — black or blue — and two sizes, medium/large and extra small/small.

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