This New Alarm Clock Features Everything From Meditations to Sleep Playlists, and We Need It


I know what you’re probably thinking: “Who still uses alarm clocks?” and to be completely honest, I felt the same exact way. I don’t think I ever had an alarm clock, and I’ve relied on the alarm on my cell phone for easily the past 10 years.

I’m not anti-alarm clocks, and after seeing the Loftie clock and all of its features, I’m tempted to get one. This isn’t your parent’s typical alarm clock, people! Loftie features the basics — like the time, and setting an alarm to wake up — and also includes guided meditations, sleep playlists, breathwork exercises, sound baths, and a variety of relaxing sounds like white noise to help you fall asleep and feel rejuvenated upon waking up.

If you’re thinking, “Why would I want all of this in the form of an alarm clock?” I get it because I too would never think to have all of these features associated with an alarm clock. Studies have shown that keeping technology like your phone and tablet out of your room can help improve your sleep quality, and tools like meditations and sleep playlists can help you wind down. If you want to keep your phone out of your bedroom but still utilize tools to relax and unwind, Loftie is for you.

Additionally, the alarm isn’t as aggressive as a traditional alarm and won’t have you jumping up out of your sleep once it goes off. And for those who love to hit snooze, there’s a two-step alarm with the first alarm gently waking you up and the second alerting you to get out of bed.

If one of your goals is to get better sleep, you might want to check out the Loftie. It’s currently available for pre-order ($129, originally $165) and will be shipping in November 2020. We’re definitely excited about this new gadget, and can’t wait to try it out! Check out the full video above to learn more about all of the features.

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