Weight loss at home: 5 simple exercises to reduce belly fat fast

Weight Loss Workout
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If you are struggling with weight gain after quarantining for a long time, you are not alone! That’s why we decided to create this weight loss workout at home so that you can say goodbye to belly fat and love handles quickly and with zero regrets.
These exercises are so simple so if you don’t know how to lose weight at home, they will be your best bet. Weight gain in women happens for many reasons and one of them is eating cakes, cookies and other sweets. We’ve been there too! But this easy at-home workout helped us to lose weight and get our body summer ready!
Check out our awesome weight loss exercises at home to get your slim body back!
0:19 – knee-to-chest crunch
0:45 – windshield wiper
1:16 – bridge
1:47 – leg lift crunch
2:13 – side plank

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Weight loss at home: 5 simple exercises to reduce belly fat fast

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