These 7 Low-Carb Pastas Are the Answers to Our Prayers


If you’re eating low-carb, it’s only natural for cravings to set in from time to time. For us, it’s all about pasta. Cacio e Pepe, Bolognese, pesto — you name it, we’ll eat it. But, hold on to your hats, because we found seven pastas that are decidedly low-carb.

Whether you’re watching your total carb intake or your net carb intake, which is carbs minus fiber, there’s a pasta here that’ll be perfect for your eating plan. As an awesome bonus, all these pastas are on Amazon, and they’re the perfect home cooked comfort meal, that’s just a little bit better for you. We’ve been making lots of pasta recently, and it feels good to be able to add in some variety to the mix. So, what’s for dinner tonight?

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